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submitted on March 31, 2017 4:21 PM EDT
Name: David Mallory
Email Address: dleemallory@gmail.com
Comments: Hey Drummer Dude(Diamond Dave) How are you doing? This is Mr Toner (Dave). Are you on the Collierville Spring Calendar this year again? I hope so!! Take it easy. Dave

submitted on July 28, 2016 1:37 PM EDT
Name: Elisa Williams
Email Address: Z71chick30@bellsouth.net
Comments: Missed u at sidecar last pm

submitted on July 19, 2014 3:03 PM EDT
Name: Stacey Baird
Email Address: baird_t@bellsouth.net
Comments: Huge fan that wants to buy a shirt.....can ya get me an order form or something already!?!?

submitted on May 6, 2014 11:41 AM EDT
Name: Roger Bridges
Email Address: Rmbridges13@yahoo.com
Comments: we love to hear your music it is greate

submitted on April 27, 2014 11:16 PM EDT
Name: The Country Surfer
Email Address: friendlyfrankfindley@gmail.com
Comments: Miss you guys haven't seen you all together since Brothers I guess!

submitted on February 17, 2014 7:26 AM EST
Name: Greg Hollingsworth
Email Address: gl.hollingsworth@gmail.com
Comments: Great show at Mulligans 2.14.14 and a good time was?had by all. Love you guys.

submitted on July 5, 2013 8:36 PM EDT
Name: Tim "Rolling stones" Cox
Email Address: piratesotc888@yahoo.com
Comments: I am in Little Rock for a while and miss seeing you guys play. I have told all the women here who they need to go see - the Wolf River Rednecks!!!

submitted on April 7, 2013 8:48 AM EDT
Name: gerald d. king sr
Email Address: service@geralddking.com
Comments: like the music that I've heard on your website.and would like it if Charles Whitaker would contact me,just a lone time since I've seen him.would like to here some of the early fifty's or sixty's,and are you'll every going to make to Florida to have a playing gig. gerald

submitted on September 9, 2012 9:35 PM EDT
Name: Tammy Carter
Email Address: Histepn@hotmail.com
Comments: great show last night

submitted on August 28, 2012 5:01 PM EDT
Name: gerald d. king sr
Email Address: service@geralddking.com
Comments: it has been a long time

submitted on June 4, 2012 10:38 AM EDT
Name: Collierville Food Pantry
Email Address: jsogga@bellsouth.net
Comments: Great show at the Collierville mall for Rock 'n Stock! You guys really put your heart and soul into your music and it shows. Thank you for providing such fine entertainment and helping to bring food into the Pantry! Thanking you, Joyce Sogga Collierville Food Pantry

submitted on May 17, 2012 8:59 AM EDT
Name: Katrina Campbelll
Email Address: Katrinaknott13@bellsouth.net
Comments: We had a lot of fun on May 12th listening and dancing!! Good way to celebrate my double 21 birthday!!

submitted on April 1, 2012 3:18 PM EDT
Name: Amanda White
Email Address: amkw2001@yahoo.com
Comments: Love this band!!! My favorite song is mustang Sally. Sam, Pops, n Dave put on a great show. Rock on!!!

submitted on January 28, 2012 11:23 AM EST
Name: Tommy and Sheila clark
Email Address: tommyclark503@gmail.com
Comments: Dave and Melinda, We love yall and was so glad we was able to see you while in Memphis. give us a holler when ya go towards blythville and maybe we can drive up and visit with yall.

submitted on November 30, 2011 2:25 PM EST
Name: Pat Harrison
Email Address: pat@theshootstraightcompany.com
Comments: Great band, great website.

submitted on September 9, 2011 11:05 AM EDT
Name: Paula Woodruff
Email Address: stardustpaula@yahoo.com
Comments: Great music! Keep up the good work!

submitted on July 22, 2011 5:59 PM EDT
Name: Amy Marek
Email Address: amymarek@att.net
Comments: LOVE YA'LL!!!!

submitted on July 22, 2011 5:59 PM EDT
Name: Amy Marek
Email Address: amymarek@att.net
Comments: LOVE YA'LL!!!!

submitted on April 6, 2011 12:23 PM EDT
Name: Sue Carol Wilson
Email Address:
Comments: I haven't seen youll yet but I heard that youll was good I wish youll would play at the OZone on Saturday night n let me know I would like to see youll thay like every kid of music but for me i hope youll do some country music anykind of country music n Elvis too n the old rock in roll but i did hear youll was good

submitted on December 30, 2010 3:04 PM EST
Name: Carl Burrows
Email Address: poppy1685@att.net
Comments: ROCK ON , Be seeing you around!!

submitted on September 2, 2010 12:24 AM EDT
Name: Cynthia Lee Evans
Email Address: cevans@eplus.net

submitted on August 22, 2010 2:57 PM EDT
Name: Dana Webb
Email Address: dwebb72@aol.com
Comments: Very talented men with great music to listen too!

submitted on July 25, 2010 10:33 PM EDT
Name: Cindy Turnmire
Email Address: cindygarrison@ymail.com
Comments: Wrong e-mail address first time.

submitted on July 25, 2010 10:26 PM EDT
Name: Cindy Turnmire
Email Address: cindygarrison@gmail.com
Comments: Hey Jeff, My son said that he heard you guys at Mel's last night and said that ya'll were awesome and wants to see ya'll again. We must see you guys at one of your other shows. Thanks to ya'll for saying that he looked like me! God Bless you! Tell Dana hello.

submitted on June 6, 2010 2:17 AM EDT
Name: rita moody
Email Address: rcl1213@msn.com
Comments: you all are Fabulous!!! saw you in memphis satuday nite. i go see alot of bands and you all are the top of the list NOW! thanks for the great songs and keep on keeping on for your fans. Rita

submitted on April 26, 2010 2:29 PM EDT
Name: Debbie Dungan Mabry
Email Address: debbiemabry@cableone.net
Comments: Hey guys, saw ya'll at Brothers last night and I have to applaude the performance !!! Ya'll need to book some dates down here in the Delta ! Debbie

submitted on February 17, 2010 11:24 PM EST
Name: Jeff Shaver
Email Address: shaver75@click1.net
Comments: Flakey!! Love the website!! Good to hear from ya!! Later Little Uz!!

submitted on January 27, 2010 10:49 AM EST
Name: Brandy
Email Address: brandy15luvd@aol.com
Comments: Yall are so great cant wait to see yall play!! Have fun!!

submitted on August 28, 2009 3:03 PM EDT

submitted on July 9, 2009 6:00 PM EDT
Name: Joe Ibarra
Email Address: joeibarra145@att.net
Comments: Mark, this is Joe from across the street on Hunters Glen West. Rhonda told me about your band and hope to hear you guys tonite at Collierville. Best Regards, Joe Ibarra

submitted on June 16, 2009 3:13 PM EDT
Name: Tammy Freeman
Email Address: freeman1232@yahoo.com
Comments: I brought my best friend Vicki down to Brothers for her birthday. I had already seen yall in Covington at the court square. She thought yall were great and wants to see the band again. The food, drinks and music was awesome. I wanted to tell yall how much I appreciate you making her birthday special and look forward to seeing the band again soon.

submitted on May 26, 2009 8:27 PM EDT
Email Address: GDKING6@YAHOO.COM

submitted on May 17, 2009 3:02 PM EDT
Name: larry bramlett
Email Address: larry_bramlett@yahoo.com
Comments: hey cuz love your wed site will see soon tampa florida

submitted on December 31, 2008 1:15 PM EST
Name: John Ennis
Email Address: johnennis1180@gmail.com
Comments: lookin forward to the show tonite

submitted on November 20, 2008 3:26 PM EST
Name: ?
Email Address: ?
Comments: boom, shakalaka boom, boom shakalaka boom boom

submitted on November 17, 2008 5:51 PM EST
Name: Laura Kemp
Email Address: lkemp@wernervas.com
Comments: you guys "ROCKED IT" at Moffatt's last night! Charlene,Kimmie and I had a "GREAT" time! See ya'll Thursday at Pappy's!!!! LATER!! Laura

submitted on October 13, 2008 3:09 PM EDT
Name: andrea
Email Address: ajmiller22@YAHOO.COM
Comments: THANKS for a great time sat night at doc watsons!!! I alwaya have fun when you guys are playin!!!!

submitted on July 12, 2008 3:36 AM EDT
Name: Nancy
Email Address: nancy.larsen1@gmail.com
Comments: Hey dudes! Just wanted to give you the heads up on the Camden Country Club! PLENTY of rednecks up in there! LOL They're gonna love you guys! Hey Sammy my nickel, if you see somebody formally known as Captain Kirk, will you shoot him in the head for me? HEHEHE ;-)Just kidding, maybe just let Pops take him out on the back nine and maim him a little, (I know for a fact there's holes and woods back there to hide a body) HEHEHE. Love ya'll! Nance

submitted on May 22, 2008 9:12 AM EDT
Name: sharon
Email Address:
Comments: Hey do you have 3 new members of the band that we havnt seen at the gigs yet?? They sure are sexy...

submitted on May 13, 2008 10:25 PM EDT
Name: Robbie
Email Address: cpace1@bellsouth.net
Comments: I really enjoy your music and the chance to see old friends and make new ones

submitted on May 13, 2008 4:39 PM EDT
Name: Shanna Shillinsky
Email Address: kudzuelectric@bellsouth.net
Comments: I think you guys are awesome!!!! It was really great to meet you!!! hope to see you soon!!! ms. Lady Bug!!

submitted on May 13, 2008 9:49 AM EDT
Name: BE
Email Address: blueaxe@bellsouth.net
Comments: awesome band and site, but you need nekid groupie pix on the Redneck Cam

submitted on May 9, 2008 9:12 AM EDT
Name: sharon
Email Address: sharon.shelton@officeevolutions.com
Comments: From your number one fan...love the new site..Chris Pace did an great job. Love you guys.

submitted on May 9, 2008 9:10 AM EDT
Name: Susan
Email Address: suzysunshine1982@yahoo.com
Comments: Ya'll are awesome.

submitted on May 9, 2008 2:47 AM EDT
Name: Chris Pace
Email Address: cpace1@bellsouth.net
Comments: You guys rock! Those people that leave early miss the best part of the show!