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submitted on November 12, 2019 10:51 PM EST
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submitted on October 14, 2019 10:52 AM EDT
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submitted on September 23, 2019 1:42 PM EDT
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submitted on August 13, 2019 10:38 PM EDT
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How did you hear about this site? Google

submitted on February 22, 2019 12:55 PM EST
Name: Marty McIntyre
Email Address:
Comments: I just picked up this book I had requested from our library in Ohio. So happy to read this eye witness account. I have read Dr. Peeples' papers and wanted to learn more.
How did you hear about this site? Library site search

submitted on November 13, 2018 9:15 AM EST
Name: Chandra Price
Email Address:
Comments: Loved your book I am of this era but lived in the segregated north Chicago We started in Bronzeville built up this area only to try and move to another area that was blocked by whites and the mayor decided to build the high rise or project to contain us in one area Yes we experienced racist but not like you. Dr King said this city was the most defied he had ever been in Please continue the struggle for it is not over by the way I am 70 years old glad to relive something not to be forgotten
How did you hear about this site? Library

submitted on May 1, 2018 4:54 PM EDT
Name: Rachel Hamby
Email Address:
Comments: Hello Mr. Stokes, Thank you for writing your book. Your story is inspiring. The bravery you and your fellow students showed in 1951 is something that can inspire young people across the world.
How did you hear about this site? I found it after watching a digital library interview with Mr. Stokes.

submitted on February 9, 2018 3:08 PM EST
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How did you hear about this site? 1

submitted on October 7, 2017 4:39 PM EDT
Name: Robert Parks
Email Address:
Comments: Dear Mr stokes it was a great honor to meet you at the bank today. Please reach out to me by email to talk more about the Negro Baseball league and how to be an activist in today's society full of injustice for African American men.
How did you hear about this site?

submitted on May 26, 2017 5:09 PM EDT
Name: Reggie Sullivan
Email Address:
Comments: I am honored to have met Mr.Stokes while shopping for candy at the Columbia Mall.
How did you hear about this site? From the man himself.

submitted on November 6, 2016 8:32 PM EST
Name: Pam Lever
Email Address:
Comments: I met Mr. Stokes at Wegman's and am quite honored to have had a moment in time to meet such an amazing gentleman.
How did you hear about this site? Met Mr. Stokes at Wegman's Grocery story.

submitted on September 7, 2016 5:34 PM EDT
Name: Cecelia Fairfax
Email Address:
Comments: I feel very blessed to have spoken to you because you are a living legend and a true inspiration.
How did you hear about this site? Sirus Radio program

submitted on September 2, 2016 1:09 PM EDT
Name: Dr. George C. McCulloh
Email Address:
How did you hear about this site? Church member who came in contact with you

submitted on February 1, 2016 6:51 PM EST
Name: Cody
Email Address:
Comments: I love you because you are a mranlin Pressing
How did you hear about this site? On lin

submitted on October 7, 2015 11:49 AM EDT
Name: Trisha Bryant
Email Address:
Comments: Hi there! I am trying to reach Mr. Stokes for a school visit. I called and left a message at the numbers. Thank you!
How did you hear about this site? I saw Mr. Stokes at a teacher talk 3 or 4 years ago. My students are reading the book.

submitted on May 18, 2014 11:17 AM EDT
Name: Mary T McCullagh
Email Address:
Comments: Mr. Stokes, I have found the funds that can bring you to South Florida to meet with students and educators and community members... I cannot wait to make arrangements with you! God Bless!
How did you hear about this site? Met you at NCSS 2011 in Washington DC

submitted on February 5, 2014 2:57 AM EST
Name: Catrise Paige
Email Address:
Comments: A great honor speaking with you today, sir. Will be in touch!
How did you hear about this site? From the man himself!

submitted on February 8, 2013 1:53 PM EST
Name: Lorrie Henrie-Koski
Email Address:
Comments: I just finished reading Students on Strike to my two sixth grade classes. They were enthralled from the first page. The questions, conversation, and observations could not have come from any other inspiration. Thank you!
How did you hear about this site? visit w/Mr. Stokkes @ Montana Education Association Conference

submitted on June 16, 2012 11:26 AM EDT
Name: A J Gould
Email Address:
Comments: Hello Mr. Stokes, while researching Rev. Goodwin Douglas and the civil rights movement in Farmville, VA, I came across an announcement about one of your speaking engagements. My paternal grandmother was Estelle Stokes, born in Amelia, Va. in 1888. Her father was Merchant Stokes and her mother was named Georgianna. She had brothers named John and Oscar (both deceased). Her brother John settled in Richmond and Oscar in Pittsburgh. The home church is Bethia Baptist in Amelia. Might we be related in any way? In August, I will convene a forum to teach young people about the 1960's movement. Your story will be most helpful. Blessings to you.
How did you hear about this site? Web research on civil rights in Farmville, VA

submitted on February 14, 2012 7:08 PM EST
Name: Mary T McCullagh
Email Address:
Comments: So wonderful to see your website!
How did you hear about this site? spoke with you personally!

submitted on December 9, 2011 12:03 PM EST
Name: Unknown
Email Address:
Comments: I dont understand...How a man so powerful and has so much knowledge could basically hide his illegitimate daughter and has never actually meet her or seen her in her adult life. You did pay child support,secretly. Your children have never met their sister. All this power and you never thought of growing a relationship with your daughter! Every girl needs a dad. Whether a little girl or adult. Do you ever wonder what i look like? or how never ever meeting you has probably affected my life?? Think about that one day...evem though you paid child support. Maybe it would have been nice to meet my half brother and sister. God Bless!!
How did you hear about this site? Call me one day...Hopefully it wont take you 28 more years... 1-202-699-5045

submitted on July 14, 2011 3:56 PM EDT
Name: Juanda Barclay
Email Address:
How did you hear about this site? I had the pleasure of striking up a conversation with Mr. Stokes in the Bowie Wal Mart. He shared an article on his history with me. What a pleasant an interesting man. I was blessed by the encounter.

submitted on June 29, 2011 1:09 PM EDT
Name: Terry Dutcher
Email Address:
Comments: I was mesmerized by your presentation last night at the Northumberland Public Library.
How did you hear about this site?

submitted on April 4, 2011 9:05 PM EDT
Name: Jeff Ustick
Email Address:
Comments: Enjoyed our time together at the Nat'l Press Club today (4/4). Looked up the Southern Manifesto as you suggested. Not surprised but saddened. Thank you for your time and message. It will not go unheded. I will share your book and message with others, including our Ethnic Studies Dept., at my 4200 student high school (James Logan HS) in Union City, Ca. Repectfully, Jeff
How did you hear about this site? personal contact

submitted on October 21, 2010 4:17 PM EDT
Name: Sylvia A. Bullock
Email Address:
Comments: It was such a wonderful pleasure meeting you this afternoon. I enjoyed the valuable history lesson, and look forward to working with you in PRISCM.
How did you hear about this site? Purchased the book.

submitted on March 15, 2010 11:31 PM EDT
Name: Gloria B. Irving
Email Address:
Comments: This book has put us back in touch with a vital part of our African American Heritage. It serves as a firm reminder of how racial injustices can affect the lives of people who were oppressed and have been denied the right to an equal education in America. Prayerfully, this book will speak to many who will not allow this to happen again in our time.
How did you hear about this site? From the author's lecture

submitted on February 4, 2010 12:17 PM EST
Name: Wendy T. McConnell
Email Address:
Comments: I am a first grade teacher at Phyllis E. Williams, and have to commend Mr. Stokes on his speech today! We held two assemblies at our school -- one for primary (1st - 3rd) and one for intermediate (4th- 6th). Mr. Stokes was relatable to the students and gave them clear examples to help them understand segregation as well as the part that he and others played in making America an equal place for all. Easily approachable, the students felt instantly at ease with him and comfortable enough to ask questions. My first graders even ran up to Mr. Stokes and gave him big bear hugs to thank him for including them in a demonstration! I would HIGHLY reccomend inviting him out to speak at any venue, to any age group. :-)
How did you hear about this site? through google.

submitted on December 23, 2009 1:20 PM EST
Name: Vernell M. Johnson
Email Address:
Comments: Dear Mr.Stokes we met Tuesday December 22, 2009 at the Office Depot in New Carrollton. I am the young man you asked about was I getting ready to teach something. I am pleased to have met you. I am also a Councilmember for the Town of Cheverly,Maryland. You can contact me on my cellular at (240)398-9251.
How did you hear about this site? Mr. John A. Stokes

submitted on December 15, 2009 12:11 PM EST
Name: Domink L. Stokes
Email Address:
Comments: Hey Dad, I met you 34 years ago in baltimore. We are so proud of you and your work. We love you. Thanks for visiting us this past Thanksgiving. Jayla & Jireh say hello and God bless. Dominick
How did you hear about this site? my dad told me about it...

submitted on November 7, 2009 2:29 PM EST
Name: Larry Wilson
Email Address:
Comments: Mr. Stokes, I met you at the Arkansas Curriculum Conference. I talked to my uncle about meeting Maya Angelou and here is what he would like for you to do. If you will send him your book autographed to Maya, he will take it to her and make the arrangements. He is interested in reading it himself. His name is Dr. Edwin G. Wilson The address is 3381 Timberlake Lane Winston-Salem, NC 27106. If you would send him a brief letter as to your upcoming schedule that would help in getting this meeting with Maya. He is Provost Emeritus Professor of English Emeritus of Wake Forest University. He is 87 years old and still as sharp as a tack. We talked at length about you and he is very interested in your story. I think he can arrange for the meeting with Maya Angelou. I have read the book and love it. It will become a part of my teaching. I am proud you saw "Jack" in me. That is a great honor.
How did you hear about this site?

submitted on June 6, 2009 3:49 PM EDT
Name: Cedric Reddick
Email Address:
Comments: We met a Dunkin Donuts recently. I enjoyed your verbal description of your story as well as your website. Keep up the good work and God bless.
How did you hear about this site? From Mr. Stokes

submitted on March 31, 2009 12:30 PM EDT
Name: Sasha S. Gregory
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for all you have done. My family is from Prince Edward and Nottoway County and currently reside in the area. We are still on the battlefield...thanks for leading the way in your own way! I also graduatted from Baltimore City College High School so I was proud to read that you taught in the BC school system!!!
How did you hear about this site? I am a member of the Kappa Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha and we are hosting the April 11th book signing!

submitted on March 30, 2009 10:31 PM EDT
Name: Lori Ann Levy-Holm
Email Address:
Comments: I read Mr. Stokes' book on Thanksgiving Day and how appropriate. Here is a story of a man and his peers reaching beyond themselves to inform the rest of the us that alone, we are one; but together, we are community. I hope the world is listening.
How did you hear about this site? From the author

submitted on March 24, 2009 12:04 PM EDT
Name: Priyanka Lamichhane, associate editor at National Geographic
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you, Mr. Stokes, for sharing your story. Students on Strike is a wonderful book that gives to readers a piece of American history that is both educational and inspiring.
How did you hear about this site? From Mr. Stokes

submitted on March 20, 2009 10:09 PM EDT
Name: LaBonnie Copeland Allen
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for our dinner out and the interesting conversation. On Thursday, March 19th, your presentation to our students at the Adult Learning Center for Charlottesville City Schools had a profound impact, not only on my students, but on me as an educator for many years. As a child of the Civil Rights Movement in my hometown of Suffolk, Virginia, especially during the years (1966-1971), I have come to realize that I need to tell my story. I wish you God's blessings in future writings.
How did you hear about this site? I heard of this site from John A. Stokes, himself.

submitted on March 20, 2009 8:39 AM EDT
Name: Michelle Proffitt
Email Address:
Comments: Walton Middle School was very impressed with Mr. Stokes' visit. Many of our students are now engrossed with his book, a high interest book for many of our students. We appreciate the time and effort he put into his presentation and the kids enjoyed being part of it! Thanks again- Ms. Proffitt, Librarian
How did you hear about this site? From Mr. Stokes

submitted on March 10, 2009 5:00 PM EDT
Name: Marcus E. Mason
Email Address:
Comments: This was an excellent book and should be required reading for all U.S. citizens who are under 55. It is a history that must not be forgotten. Marcus E. Mason
How did you hear about this site? I saw Mr. Stokes at a Black History program at Fort Belvoir, VA.

submitted on March 4, 2009 6:25 PM EST
Name: Dr. Deneese L. Jones
Email Address:
Comments: I enjoyed reading this personal narrative. It magnified the events from an "insider perspective". Thank you for enriching my world of experiences.
How did you hear about this site? It was sent to me from Mr. Stokes.

submitted on March 3, 2009 11:10 AM EST
Name: Deborah Higdon
Email Address:
Comments: I read the book along with 50 of my students. It was an emotional book detailing segregation. The highlight was the visit by Mr. Stokes to our school. We will never forget it. We will never be the same.
How did you hear about this site? Great Plains videoconference site

submitted on March 2, 2009 9:54 PM EST
Name: Vanessa Davis Griggs
Email Address:
Comments: I so enjoyed meeting you at Barnes & Noble in Morrow, Georgia. Thank you for having been a blessing in so many lives! Vanessa Davis Griggs
How did you hear about this site? From the author

submitted on February 5, 2009 12:03 PM EST
Name: Valerie Carter
Email Address:
Comments: GREAT!
How did you hear about this site?

submitted on February 4, 2009 12:32 PM EST
Name: Deshawn johnson
Email Address:
Comments: mr.stokes i was delited to read your book,it taught me that i should be glad to be in school thanks for inspiring me.
How did you hear about this site? mrs.shena king told me bout it at prince edwardcounty middle school

submitted on February 3, 2009 10:08 AM EST
Name: Cynthia L. Johnson
Email Address:
Comments: I love the book; will continually use it in my Prince Edward County unit; my students were so excited about your visit.
How did you hear about this site?

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