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About VT1K

The ‘Vermont from One Thousand Feet’ (VT1K) project

Vermont From One Thousand Feet is now entering its sixth year. As a photgraphy project, it's been a blast. I have just the noertnemost three counties to photograph and get cleaned up and into book format. There are now 2 morebooks ready for publication. The project started out with a coffee table format and has transformed into a more portfolio style. To date the county and town count is as follows:

Book 1: (published) Bennington and Rutland Counties. Book 2: (compiled) Windsor and Windham Counties. Book 3: (partially compiled) Washington and Orange Counties.  Book 4: (70% complete) Addison and Chittenden Counties. Book 5: (10% complete Lamoille and Orleans Counties. Book 6: (assembly) Caledonia and  Essex Counties. Book 7: (assembly) Grand Isle and Essex Counties. Some of the counties just haven't been flown yet, due to the very limited number of towns or airport logistics. Essex and Orleans counties for example.  Some towns were just not a picture, I.E.: one or two buildings, too dangerous to fly over or had disappeared and were listed as a gore. Warrens Gore for example. Franklin and Grand Isle counties will be flown late this summer and early fall. Essex and Orleans will be flown this winter and next spring.

In late 2004 I started the Vermont from One Thousand Feet (VT1K) project. Since I wanted to work toward my commercial pilots’ license, I figured that I could get in some flying time and take pictures of the Vermont countryside at the same time. The two seemed to go hand in hand. I started to fly further out from Springfield, I’m based here at Hartness State A/P. So I kept flying and taking pictures until by late 2004 I had enough (prints) to compile a collection of these photos, sixty photos of Windsor and Windham Counties. As I took more and more photos and began to compile them, a friend suggested that I make a book for sale at a Gallery in Springfield where I also sell some of my other fine art photography. As I took more and more photos building my hours, I discovered that there was more to photograph than just towns and villages so I kept flying and taking pictures. In 2004 I finished Windsor, and Windham counties. In 2005, Bennington and Rutland counties, In late 2006 I started Orange, Washington, and Addison counties. Most recently I have been flying over Lamoille, Chittenden, Orleans, Caledonia and the other northen counties. Only the northen most three counties, Franklin, Essex with Grand Isle now nearly complete. I am in the studio for the winter editing, compiling and readying for print. But I continue to fly, year round, and take picture so the project never sleeps.

There are 7 books of photographs in various stages of completion waiting to be published. To date there are several thousand individual frames that have produced several hundred useable photos ultimately to be incorporated into this project. This project is an ongoing one and is supported by my photographic efforts. I sell my various works, books, cards and calendars, art prints and aviation art at selected galleries in Vermont with new projects added as needed.

I have also contributed to the Walpole Historical Society (Images of America-Walpole,Arcadia Publishing ISBN-13 978-0-7385-6549-1) If you wouldlike more information or would like to purchase a photo of one of the towns to help support this effort, please feel free to call or write me or more information.   

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