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submitted on August 20, 2009 8:38 AM EDT
Name: Marcia Annenberg
Email Address: m.annenberg@att.net
Comments: Loss is a universal and profound experience. Andrea's guidance provides a map towards the re-integration of wholeness, after one's sense of self is shattered by trauma.

submitted on July 11, 2009 7:26 PM EDT
Name: Kitty Hartford
Email Address: kitty@pottlerealtygroup.com
Comments: It was meant to be! I was the highest bidder and won your book at the Boothbay Region Community TV fundraiser last year, at a time of great upheaval and recovery in my life. I was terminating a Domestic Partnership with my third ex-husband and was looking for help. It came in the form of Lightning Holds My Hand, and all the sisters souls whose unfailing encouragement, comfort, and healing words came to me from the pages of your journal. I still carry a note from your book that works as an affirmation for me: "I can't fail. I can't make a mistake, say the wrong thing, arrive too early or too late. I am carried by the Divine Flow." Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your journey with me and the omniverse.

submitted on June 5, 2009 8:33 PM EDT
Name: julia white
Email Address: tarasfeet@gmail.com
Comments: Andrea, your book is incredible. I am reading it now and felt compelled to leave a comment now while in the process of receiving its deep wisdom. I am amazed and supported by the words that seem to magically speak to exactly where I am, in a universal way, even though the details are different.Sometimes I feel like you are me, and revel in the wonder of this. There is an underlying message from your guidance that feels like the guidance that I too often receive. I am not always in the receiving mode though so this is what I am turning to in those dark moments. As a Scorpio Moon (like you!) I am amazed at how deeply I feel things and the other night went down into one of those dark places. I was able to be with it, with the help of your book, knowing that it was true that I was not alone nor sharing this doubting experience. You know, it was one of those times of questioning absolutely everything about myself!...the guidance, the truths, the Path....and yet, as a Priestess myself, I realize that sometimes this is part of the journey. It is a new leading edge of living in the present an ancient archetype, and it is not always easy to hold it when feeling alone. Your work so powerfully carried me through this short but intense place of questioning to a new more powerful, stable and sure place of Knowing... a real knowing that all IS well...there is a bigger picture and that we are carried through it gracefully if we just trust in the listening. Thank you so much, Priestess Sister! Julia

submitted on March 22, 2009 6:10 PM EDT
Name: Kathy
Email Address: kathyneily@earthlink.net
Comments: Now I know why I lost my job! It was so I could be open (thanks to Andrea's book) to something much, much better. Something in which my "light" can shine. Reading Andrea's journey to embracing her "light" showed me how it can be done...how to acknowledge it and how to honor it by allowing it to BE. I start March 30.

submitted on March 3, 2009 1:34 PM EST
Name: Kathy
Email Address: kathyneily@earthlink.net
Comments: Recently I lost my job. It was a shock as I thought I had so much to offer. They gave no explanation except: "This isn't working out." I was then told to pack up and leave (under their supervision!) The first place I turned was Andrea's book......because it's about: Being shocked out of my comfort zone; Being offered an opportunity to grow into a different perception of my self; Accepting the fact that I had to have that "known" be replaced with a place in which I could and should shine my light; Learning how to deal with the fear of being "BIG" and "VISIBLE" and "HAVING A CALLING". I was in an abusive job environment which was slowly but surely limiting my opportunities to share my gifts. It was a dark place, but I have always been drawn to jobs, or relationships or alcohol or food so I could feel "safe" and "small"....places where I could creep out, have a moment of joy and then be able to hide from the "monster" who never wanted me to experience joy and fulfillment. Yet, this turning my professional life upside down was not a coincidence. I had been letting the universe know that I wanted to expand and have a "BIG" life in which I could be completely free to be happy, to be appreciated for my gifts (both personally and professionally), and to live a "grown-up" life as an equal to anyone....whatever that looked like!...And that I was willing to deal with my fears surrounding all that. Andrea's book serves to reassure me every time I read it that I am in the arms of love, that my fear is being witnessed, blessed and taken from me, that I will be led to a place of joy, that I will be able to receive, that this IDEA of joy will be gently moved into my HEART and my life. Andrea, thank you for sharing your words. I can't think of ANYTHING they would not apply to. I love you, Kathy 3/09

submitted on February 27, 2009 1:35 PM EST
Name: Judy Robilotti
Email Address: ugogirl@stny.rr.com
Comments: Playa Hermosa , Costa Rica February 17, 2009 Dear Andrea, Today, I have just finished your beautiful writings in Lightning Holds My Hands. I am grateful beyond words the gift you have given me. As I write to you a dragonfly is hovering me out on my veranda. Your writings continued to be exactly the answers I needed at the moment I picked it up………………..I now have a new found understanding that I am not alone in my new life journey and that all healing is a release from the past. I can embrace the unknown with confidence and courage knowing that my trust in the Divine is what will support my creativity and transformation. I leap into the chasm with the key in hand!!!! With much love & gratitude I send light & laughter, Judy

submitted on February 26, 2009 11:29 PM EST
Name: sarah french
Email Address: sarahfrenchy@gmail.com
Comments: dear andrea, i am reading "lightning holds my hand," caught in the flow of energy of it, the discoveries, images, story, your growth, your work... and, too, somehow, in bits... my story? is it possible? maybe i am not the only one to say that it has felt-- to me-- that your words, which you listened for, which are you, help me, too. to know me, to give space to me. even, not to give up on me. these are deep, inspired, uplifting words... thank you.

submitted on January 25, 2009 9:17 PM EST
Name: Kathy Neily
Email Address: kathyneily@earthlink.net
Comments: It was last Fall (2008). I called Andrea to say that I was coming to Maine (Boothbay Harbor) unexpectedly because my mother was in the local hospital having had a heart attack. Unfortunately, Andrea, my most important spiritual anchor, and, dear friend, was heading for New York the same day I was leaving it. She lovingly apologized for the "bad timing" but added that she would be sure to leave a copy of her just published book where I was going to be staying. BOOK!! The BOOK I had been impatiently waiting for since it's inception?!!! YES!!!! I arrived at the family home not knowing what to expect...from my mother's condition or from my assembled sibs. This was our only living parent and we had gathered from all over the country to say: "Good-by"?? We didn't know. What I did know was that I spent the first 48 hours numb and not much help to anyone. The third night I sat in bed feeling desperate to feel something other than my scared, angry, self and wanting to be Present for this moment in my life, my mother's life and my dear sister's and brother's. When I'm desperate enough I remember to pray. I prayed to be delivered from this disconnected, lonely place of my making. And, two minutes later (no exaggeration), I saw (more like noticed!) this beautiful book on the nightstand.....just patiently waiting for my readiness to accept it's healing power. Thank you, dear Andrea, for holding me in your healing words and for making them available to everyone. All my love, Kathy

submitted on January 23, 2009 5:10 PM EST
Name: Jane Cheema
Email Address: janecheema@gmil.com
Comments: Dear Andrea, I can't seem to find the words to express how I feel about your beautiful book and the truth of the feelings that it embraces. I keep trying but my vocabulary seems to be deficient in words that give meaning to how I have felt while reading your masterpiece. I have tried to write to you many times in order to express the beauty and the power of your book -- but still words continue to fail me. Your writing has touched me deeply. Perhaps it is best to say, that while reading your book, I have been equating it to a soaring symphony .. an epic poem .. starburst .. majesty .. sunlight dancing on water or on new-fallen snow .. and the highest form of expressed love. I have been so moved by your writing and the telling of your journey - the journey of a true and beautiful heroine who is the voice of all of us. You and your creation are beyond words, which I think, is the highest of compliments. The light of your spirit is now everywhere and this is what the world has been waiting for. With love and admiration from Jane

submitted on January 12, 2009 4:06 PM EST
Name: Ann Sutter
Email Address: ann444@gwi.net
Comments: Lightning Holds My Hand has been one of the most inspiring, moving books I have ever read. It has filled me up and at the same time lightened my life with renewed awareness of my Inner Soul. Having walked a similar path at about the same time as Andrea I could identify with her pain. All transitions and endings are so difficult. But knowing someone is always holding my hand, showering me with light and love, gently nudging me ahead, I can climb that mountain and savor the view at the top. Thank you Andrea for sharing the powerful wisdom you have received and written on these pages.

submitted on December 10, 2008 10:03 AM EST
Name: Millie Santiago
Email Address: millie.santiago1@gmail.com
Comments: Andrea Goodman's book "Lightning Holds My Hand", feels like a very special gift to me. I am struck with the courage Andrea has to journey through this most difficult challenge and her willingness to share the beauty and love that she is able to find in it. This book has given me the knowledge that the Divine Guidance is there for all who truly seek it. That is an enourmous gift - Thank You!

submitted on December 8, 2008 9:24 AM EST
Name: John Farrell
Email Address: jjf@hanamichi.us
Comments: I watched Andrea grow spiritually and emotionally, almost before my eyes, as she moved through the experience of asking and listening. The depth and honesty and beauty of her spirit's path is an encouragement to all who seek.

submitted on December 7, 2008 11:55 AM EST
Name: IONE
Email Address: iodreams@deeplistening.org
Comments: Wonderful, inspiring! Deeply felt- to reach and echo the deepest sorrow of any woman's experience of loss. A gift in this sense to all womankind.

submitted on December 6, 2008 4:41 PM EST
Name: Mara Goodman
Email Address: maraperson@gmail.com
Comments: Naturally, as Andrea's sister, I wanted her guidance to be able to help her, and of course I knew before I read the book that it had, but reading the book revealed the depth and intensity of her communication with that inner voice. The comfort, steadfastness, and strength that she got from listening to it and being able to question it particularly impressed me. Andrea asked really penetrating questions, and the voice "took her on". And as one reads, one sees her, through the years, growing, conquering challenges, getting stronger, but always so vulnerable and exposed. I was moved by her honesty, because the real Andrea seemed to come right off the page.

submitted on December 5, 2008 12:21 PM EST
Name: Pat Smith
Email Address: patriciasmith28@yahoo.com
Comments: The timing of the release of "Lightning Holds My Hand" was not lost in my life. A riveting read for anyone, but particularly relevant to those of us in midst of any crises, including a divorce. A must read for all...a great share for all of our friends-better yet this book would make a great gift.

submitted on December 5, 2008 11:22 AM EST
Name: Jane Solorzano
Email Address: goddessembodied@yahoo.co.in
Comments: This beautifully inspired writing feels like an enormous affirmation for me as one who practices feminine spirituality. The depth of emotion and experience, the intimacy, the mystery, the darkness into light, the expansion and healing (and more!) all resonate with my human/spiritual experience. The openess Andrea displays to the sheer multitude of forms Most High can speak to us in are inspirational and affirming. I am SO grateful this form/experience has come into written manifestation. Thank you Andrea for your gift to our present world. SHE (the Goddess) is coming back into our reality through the doors of our open hearts--transforming us in ways we haven't dreamed (or only dreamed :). Thank you Andrea for allowing us to witness that through your personal, intimate experience in written form.

submitted on December 4, 2008 1:50 PM EST
Name: Caroline Phillips
Email Address: caroline_phillips2003@yahoo.com
Comments: This book is beautifully written. I read a few pages every night, and when I reached the end I simply started over again. It helps me to imagine my own spirit, and as I fall asleep I fall safely into it.

submitted on November 23, 2008 7:18 PM EST
Name: Eola Ball
Email Address: onehearteola@yahoo.com
Comments: I was with Andrea through her difficult process of reclaiming who she was as she wrote this book. I was priveledged to hear the guidance each week which was so healing for me as well. This book is a gift of love from Andrea to the world. I recommend it highly.

submitted on November 21, 2008 9:25 AM EST
Name: Gale Albury
Email Address: seawiiind@aol.com
Comments: "Herein lies the journey within as one soul seeks and finds the ultimate gift, God's love." Gale Albury; author, Messages from the Archangel Gabriel, Memories of MU, Messages to the Earth Angels