Recent News and Updates 

MMLC's Yu Du Looks at an April Decision of the Supreme Court 
Regarding OEM Trademark Infringement Cases - 17 May 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Matt Murphy Quoted by the AFP Feature on China Hi-Tech 
"China's 'makers' battle mistrust in hi-tech community" - 24 April 2018
[read more]
MMLC's Sarah Xuan and Matt Murphy Look at China's New Trial Measures 
for the Outbound Transfer of IP - 19 April 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Matt Murphy Gets "Best Lawyers" Nod for Australian Corporate 
and IT Law - 12 April 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Fei Dang looks at GDPR & China Privacy Law - 12 April 2018 
[read more]
GTDT Publishes MMLC's China Patent Law 2018 Chapter - 2 April 2018 
[read more]
Partner, Matthew Murphy quoted by WIPR on US/China IP trade 
developments - 26 January 2018 [read more]

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Partner, Matthew Murphy and Katharina König's Article on EU, China and 
GIs Published by Managing IP - 28 September 2017 [read more]